Governance and Operation

Cloud governance

Once your cloud strategy is defined, you need to understand how you will govern and operate your cloud-based solutions. Governance should answer these questions for you:

  • How will you organize your cloud-based resources?
  • Who will manage those resources, and how will management access be granted and monitored for different groups?
  • Which policies will have to be established at an organizational level?
  • How will costs be managed, monitored, and transferred back to your internal or external consumers (metering of cloud usage)?

Operating model

Your operating model will have to be extended to include your cloud-based services. Your operating model needs to address the following questions:

  • How will you provide visibility of the cloud resources under the responsibility of your organization?
  • How will you ensure that you have a updated inventory of your cloud-based assets?
  • How will you extend your platform operations from on-prem to include monitoring and operating of cloud resources?
  • How will you extend your operations and monitoring to include applications that are dependent on cloud services?
  • What extension will you need in your security model to protect cloud-based services?

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