Solution Architecture

Solution architecture

Whether you are investing in digital products for reasons of innovation (green-field approach) or to modernize an estate of legacy applications, your solution needs to be based on solid architectural principles. Your solution architecture should be able to answer these questions:

  • Will you be building an application-specific architecture, or a platform architecture where future products will be built on?
  • How will you manage identity and access control in your solution?
  • How will you decouple components to make your architecture modular and flexible?
  • Which parts of your architecture should be implemented on cloud services? Which parts are better kept internally on-prem?
  • How will you ensure that internal and external customers can access your digital services through modern integration interfaces?
  • Which modern standards should you adopt in your software?
  • How do you provide your service at the lowest possible unit costs (per user, per seat, per device, per tenant, etc)?
  • Are you choosing components in your architecture that your operations team is ready to support? Or are you embracing technology with a steep learning curve for your organization?
  • How will your service scale if you were really successful?
  • Are you meeting your customer’s expectations in terms of service levels, reliability, durability, data privacy and data protection?
  • Do you need to migrate data from legacy systems? If so, how will you ensure data consistency with the lowest possible impact for the end user?

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