Cloud adoption strategy

The cloud adoption strategy is an integral part of your digital transformation journey - whether you are a startup, an SME, an international corporation or a public sector organization. Your cloud adoption strategy should answer the following questions:

  • What is driving your cloud adoption? Is it datacenter migration? A move from capex to opex? Service innovation or application modernization?
  • What is the vendor strategy for cloud services? Are you looking for best-of-breed solutions, or are you interested in committing to a small number of cloud providers?
  • Do you have the proper enterprise and support agreements with your cloud vendors? Adjusting contracts is complex and costly. We will help you ensure that you develop the right setup with your preferred cloud vendors right from the start of your journey.
  • Which are the selection criteria to choose between on-prem solutions vs cloud solutions? This answer will be driven by your appetite for risk, the regulatory environment you are operating in (e.g. which data are you allowed to store in the cloud), and by your organizational readiness.
  • What is your integration strategy? Such a strategy is needed to ensure that your cloud-based solutions not only match, but complement your current investments on-premises, instead of establishing a system of dispersed stand-alone solutions.

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