Technical Implementation

Once your architecture is defined and ready for prime time, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty with the implementation of your product or application. Your digitalization projects will be implemented by our in-house technical staff. Our team is highly skilled in leading agile projects and uses the latest methodologies to ensure that your software investments are used in the most efficient way. We can also offer you an attractive delivery model that combines on-site staff with near-shore technical experts to provide an even more flexible cost structure for your project without increasing the delivery risks of the engagement.

UX design

By collaborating with trusted business partners, who are experts in the areas of user experience research and design, we ensure that the applications you build follow a human-centered design approach. Your users will have no choice, but to love using your apps.

Frontend development

The web is the portal into any modern application. We utilize the most modern frameworks to develop your web presence, including VueJS, ReactJS and Angular. To accelerate deployment, we leverage existing design standards and visual libraries such as Vuetify. We will make sure that your application is covered by comprehensive test automation that minimizes the chances of defects compromising your consistently great user experience.

Backend development

Your service must be supported by a robust backend. We will assist you in building and operating reliable and scalable backend services, which include

  • Distributed or monolithic database services.
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allow consumers to interact with your data and services.
  • Analytics services to capture and produce insights on the data your platform generates.
  • Solid backup and restore procedures in case disaster strikes.
  • Robust logging and monitoring tooling to ensure you are always in control of your own platform.
  • Automation pipelines to ensure you can test and release your new software in the fastest possible period of time without compromising reliability.

Want to know more about technical Implementation?

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