Bühler Group brings food safety to the forefront with IoT

Bühler Group, a world-renowned Swiss multinational corporation with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing industrial equipment, has revolutionized the production of nutritional products across the food value chain through its cutting-edge technology. As a market leader in the pasta, chocolate, wheat, maize, rice, and milling segments, Bühler solutions are relied upon by billions of people globally.

With the assistance of Option 4.0, Bühler has raised the bar yet again. Bühler’s state-of-the-art IoT platform for industrial manufacturing, called Bühler Insights, enables Bühler to collect millions of data points per day from operations across the globe, providing a deep understanding of how their equipment is utilized under real-world conditions. The platform is the foundation of multiple solutions that we have developed for Bühler, including the groundbreaking:

  • TVM (Temperature and Vibration Management) service for operating a mill,
  • the cloud-based Yield Management Service (YMS), and
  • the Error and Downtime Analysis (EDA) service

In upcoming posts, we will elaborate on each of those products individually.

Our partnership with Bühler is driven by a shared vision of building a cloud-native platform that can be customized by their business units to create new innovative digital products. The IoT platform has also enabled data-driven innovation and facilitated the identification of potential new services, features, and hardware improvements based on telemetry data from production equipment.

Each of these solutions has the potential to transform industrial manufacturing, providing increased efficiency, transparency, and flexibility for Bühler’s clients, while also targeting challenges such as reducing energy consumption, water consumption and food waste across the production process. At Option 4.0, we are proud to partner with Bühler in their journey toward digital transformation and innovation in industrial manufacturing.

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