Swiss Re - Solution for a Streamlined User Onboarding and Access Management

This solution, which we will call IAM (Identity and Access Management) is a web application that integrates other solutions and provides a unified way of onboarding users and granting access rights to internal systems. Any Swiss Re solution can leverage this IAM solution for effective user management. The key features of this internal solution include:

  • All-in-one solution for in-product user onboarding.
  • Access management for multiple environments.
  • Various administrator roles for internal and external employees.
  • Extended features for testing access rights.
  • Optional self-service registration page for new users.

User management had always been a challenge across solutions because of the high variety of adopted providers and complexity of the internal Swiss Re processes. Many different approaches for onboarding customers resulted in a very broad landscape of solutions. With the adoption of Okta as the main identity provider for external user accounts, the idea of a unified portal with administration features was born. This portal streamlines the heterogenous landscape of internal solutions and offers fast integration of advanced user management features for existing and future applications. The idea for this IAM solution came alive and gained more and more traction within Swiss Re Solutions, thus leading to more adoption from internal software teams.

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