Modernizing Live Event Streaming Infrastructure with Cloud Technologies

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At Option 4.0, we had the opportunity to work with a Swiss TV broadcaster to modernize their infrastructure for live event streaming. Their infrastructure for live streaming was approaching 10 years of age and was already out of support from the original vendor. Thus, the client had invested a large amount of funds in modernizing their video encoding infrastructure with a state-of-the-art on-premises encoding farm, and wanted to take this opportunity and modernize the rest of the video distribution network.

Our goal was to help the client modernize their infrastructure for live event streaming while reducing their infrastructure expenditure for on-prem hardware. We also needed to ensure that the solution could integrate with all services involved in the distribution of the video signal to online player, and to prepare the infrastructure for streaming at a certain time, for a certain duration, and with certain specifications.

To achieve this, we decided together with our client to go cloud-first as a default architectural decision, and relied on on-prem systems only when absolutely necessary. We designed a distributed orchestrator based on Azure Logic Apps, which integrated with the on-prem encoding farm, cloud APIs for content distribution and encryption, and other diverse APIs from services that are needed in the video distribution network. We also worked closely with the client’s in-house software development organization, which contributed to the implementation work too.

The benefits for the client were numerous. They were able to substitute their aging video encoding and distribution infrastructure and benefit from using cloud services in a consumption basis, as opposed to purchasing large amounts of hardware for the processing of video signals. Additionally, they were able to use out-of-the-box orchestration features of Azure Logic Apps, as opposed to developing a full workflow orchestration engine from scratch, which would have been an expensive software development project to develop and maintain.

At Option 4.0, we have ample experience in using cloud technologies for video distribution. Whether it is linear show programming or streaming of time-boxed events, we are experts in integrating your on-prem contribution and distribution networks with the power of the cloud, while preserving essential principles of cybersecurity to ensure that your video production and distribution are secure and legitimate. Our solution allows you to reach millions of viewers for your shows and events at the lowest possible cost per unit.

We are proud to have helped our client modernize their infrastructure for live event streaming and reduce their infrastructure expenditure for on-prem hardware. The solution is a success, and is currently being used to stream sports events. We look forward to continue helping our clients to leverage the power of cloud technologies for their video distribution needs.

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