Cloud Engineering

Solution architecture

A correct solution architecture is critical for the success of your project. That is why we provide comprehensive support to our clients in defining their solution architecture on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Typical topics to address include:

  • Will you be building an application-specific architecture, or a platform architecture where future products will be built on?
  • How will you manage identity and access control in your solution?
  • How will you decouple components to make your architecture modular and flexible?
  • Which parts of your architecture should be implemented on cloud services? Which parts are better kept internally on-premises?
  • How do you provide your service at the lowest possible unit costs (per user, per seat, per device, per tenant, etc)?
  • How will your service scale if it is really successful and demand grows fast?
  • Are you meeting your customer’s expectations in terms of service levels, reliability, durability, data privacy and data protection?
  • Do you need to migrate data from legacy systems? If so, how will you ensure data consistency with the lowest possible impact for the end user?

Technical implementation

Once your architecture is defined and ready for prime time, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty with the implementation of your application. Our engineering teams are highly skilled in leading projects and use the latest technologies and frameworks. We can also offer you an attractive delivery model that combines on-site staff with near-shore technical experts. This provides a flexible cost structure for your project without increasing the delivery risks of the engagement.

UX design

By collaborating with trusted business partners, who are experts in the areas of user experience research and design, we ensure that the applications you build follow a human-centered design approach. Your users will have no choice, but to love using your apps.

Frontend development

The web is the portal into any modern application. We utilize the most modern frameworks to develop your web presence, including VueJS, ReactJS and Angular. To accelerate implementation, we leverage existing design standards and visual libraries such as Vuetify. We will make sure that your application is covered by comprehensive test automation that minimizes the chances of defects compromising your great user experience.

Backend development

Your service must be supported by a robust backend. We will assist you in building and operating reliable and scalable backend services hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. These can include APIs, analytics services or cloud Data & AI solutions.

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