Option 4.0

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We encourage change, realize strategies and implement multi-national projects to help you succeed with the digital transformation.

Our Mission

Customers first

We help our customers to benefit from the globalized fourth industrial revolution. We make sure that our customers receive the right technology to power up digital strategies which are fundamental in today's business world.



What we do

Digital Strategies_icon

Digital Strategies

Together with your clients and business partners we create solutions and value, which are the foundation of your future product or digital-oriented strategy.

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Project Execution_icon

Project Execution

To make sure you can realize complex digitalization projects as well as reap the benefits of your digitalization investments, we insure you have the right project manager. We guide and support you in the preparation, project management and in the steering committee.

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Cloud Adoption_icon

Cloud Adoption

Understand how to onboard cloud technologies, the risks associated with them, the governance model and the operating model your company needs to succeed in a cloud-first or hybrid world.

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Digital Collaboration_icon

Digital Collaboration

Our team does have the expertise to support you in modern workplace and remote collaboration use cases, get your processes digital ready, support and coach your people and organisation.

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We want to see you succeed

Connect with us today, and find out how the Option 4.0 team can help your business adapt and meet the demands of new technologies.


Who we are

An independent partner owned company

We are a team of highly skilled young talents and experienced professionals who share a passion for software development, connectivity, project management, manufacturing and agricultural disciplines.