Bridging Technology and Employee Journey

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies must adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the competition. One such company, specializing in developing sustainable and future-proof concepts for industrial facilities, recognized the need for a new IT strategy that focused on technology and the employee journey. This blog highlights the successful collaboration between the client and our team, showcasing our expertise in creating a practical and implementable IT strategy that benefits both the business and its employees.

IE Group is an industry leader and focuses on holistic design and optimization tailored to individual production processes. Their team of experts boasts extensive knowledge in various industries, including logistics, hygiene & cleanroom, digitalization & automation, architecture, and civil engineering. By combining these competencies, they create efficient industrial buildings that seamlessly coordinate manufacturing processes, technical building equipment, and architecture.


IE Group sought to develop a new IT strategy that incorporated technology and emphasized the employee journey, ensuring a forward-thinking approach for the next decade.

Our Solution

Utilizing the Option 4.0 Strategy Canvas, our team conducted design thinking-oriented workshops to identify user personas, their needs (with user diary), and trends (including studies). We then filtered these needs down to the essential points and developed a target image in collaboration with persona representatives, validating the identified needs.

Next, we defined a common approach and prioritization, with business representatives determining the benefits and IT assessing feasibility. This led to the creation of a roadmap that garnered support from all stakeholders.


Our collaboration with the client resulted in a practical and implementable roadmap that aligned business and IT planning. Key benefits include:

  1. A comprehensive IT strategy that addresses both technology and employee journey.
  2. A clear roadmap with prioritized initiatives, ensuring efficient implementation.
  3. Strong agreement and collaboration between business and IT stakeholders.

Option 4.0’s contribution and methodologies

Our team provided the following services to ensure the successful development of the client’s IT strategy:

  1. Strategy method: Utilizing the Option 4.0 Strategy Canvas.
  2. Strategy development: Project management, moderation, and report creation.
  3. Strategy review: Assessing progress and effectiveness after three years.

To achieve the desired outcomes, our team employed various technologies and methods, including:

  1. Design Thinking: A user-centric approach to problem-solving and innovation.
  2. Employee Journey: Understanding and optimizing the employee experience.
  3. User Diary: Capturing user needs and emotional insights – by recognizing the needs of users in their own terms, we were able to ensure a high level of adoptability.
  4. Option 4.0 Strategy Canvas: A strategic framework for efficient and immediately applicable / easily understandable strategy development.

By leveraging our expertise in strategy development and employing a holistic approach, we successfully helped our client create a comprehensive IT strategy that not only addressed technology but also the employee journey. This collaboration resulted in a practical and implementable roadmap that aligned business and IT planning, ensuring a future-proof strategy for the next decade.

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