Azure Server Migration - Architecture, Discovery, Assessment and Cost Estimation

Our Azure Migration Consulting Service provides customers with a tailored strategy and comprehensive deliverables for an efficient migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Cost Reduction

Migrating to the Azure cloud can significantly reduce your organization's IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. The better you accelerate this transition, the faster your organization will benefit.

Accelerated Migration

By leveraging the recommended practices from the Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Migrate, we utilize proven tools and methodologies to unblock and accelerate your migration objectives.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from Azure's advanced security features and compliance certifications, safeguarding your organization's data and applications. Onboard your migrated server fleet to advanced cyber security solutions such as Azure Sentinel and Defender for Cloud.

Our Azure Migration Service is designed to help customers efficiently migrate their on-premises server fleet to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Our team of experts will work closely with your organization to develop a tailored migration strategy, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing downtime. Our service offers exceptional value for businesses looking to onboard their on-prem server fleet to Azure while minimizing technical risks and cost.

🧐 Who is this service for?

Any organization looking at migrating their infrastructure to the Azure cloud, including:

  • Server Lift & Shift

    Migrate your virtual machines to the cloud, whether from Hyper-v, VMware, physical servers or any other cloud.

  • SQL database rationalization

    Benefit from the migration work to move your SQL workloads to PaaS, Azure SQL Managed Instance or Lift & Shift them.

  • Windows File Shares

    Modernize your Windows file shares and DFS systems by migrating your file shares to Azure storage.

  • Azure infrastructure architecture

    Define an architecture that deploys Azure environments that follow Microsoft's recommended practices.

  • Accelerate migration

    Using tools like Azure Migrate, the Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Landing Zones.

  • Understand the costs

    Understand the running costs of your future Azure environment, as well as the effort needed for the migration itself.

🚀 Our solution

Our Azure Migration engagement will provide the following deliverables to you:

☑️ Infrastructure Solution Architecture

This will include key topics such as:

  • Connectivity between your on-prem environments and the Azure Cloud,
  • Landing Zones proposal,
  • DNS name resolution approach for your hybrid environment,
  • VNet design and extending your IP address space to Azure.
☑️ Discovery & Assessment

We will deploy an Azure Migrate project and an appliance in your environment to kick off the discovery and assessment phase. In this phase, your servers will be discovered and performance data will be collected to understand the VM sizing and storage needed in Azure.

☑️ Migration Strategy

We will define the best approach for migrating your servers and file shares, considering options such as Rehost, Replace, Retire or Rearchitect.

☑️ Cost estimation

We will provide a cost estimation for the migration, which includes the expected ongoing Azure running costs after the migration is completed, as well as the cost of the migration itself.