From Excel Spreadsheets to a Single Point of Truth: Sports Tournaments

Our team at Option 4.0 had the privilege of partnering with a global sports federation to help them streamline their event management process. The federation, responsible for delivering one of the largest sports tournaments in the world, had extremely complex requirements to manage in regards to venues, hotels, training sites, services delivered to their stakeholders, and required infrastructure. In the past, they relied on outdated offline data formats such as PDFs and Excel spreadsheets to capture and share event requirements, which led to errors, change management inefficiencies, and problems in ensuring their globally distributed team had access to the latest requirements.

To solve these challenges, we designed, developed, implemented and operate an online solution that completely digitalizes the capturing of event requirements, publishing them to their employees, stakeholders, local operating entities, and suppliers, and allows the content to be centrally curated. This digital platform consists of a web application, backend RESTful APIs, security services, scalable storage services, and a centralized database. Our platform provides a single point of truth for requirements around venues, sites, groups of stakeholders, infrastructure, and understanding the event’s footprint in a global map. Additionally, our platform provides advanced search, filtering, and grouping capabilities for this large corpus of information.

Our online solution provides a data curation team that manages the requirements for any event as defined by the event’s delivery executives. This allows online access to any requirement for any of their events from anywhere in the world, removing the problem of people working with outdated specifications without knowing about it. Our platform has saved the client millions of dollars by avoiding infrastructure and procurement mistakes. Additionally, the possibility to analyse data from past events and reuse it for the delivery of upcoming ones has helped them save time and costs by not building the entire event data set from scratch every time.

We provided engineering management, architecture, development skills for data modelling, frontend and backend development, DevOps automation, cloud infrastructure expertise, UX expertise, and we operate the solution for the client. We closely collaborate with their product management team in evaluating the technical complexity of upcoming features and bring the right technical skills to execute those features and bring them to production using a Kanban approach.

Technologies used for this project included Azure infrastructure services such as VNets, DNS, Application Firewall, storage accounts, App Service Environment, API Management, dotnet and EF core, VueJS, Azure SQL server (in pools to share cost), Application Insights, and Azure DevOps for documentation, issue tracking, CI/CD, and the management of software packages.

We are proud of our work in developing an online solution for managing event requirements and look forward to helping more organizations streamline their processes in the future.

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