Building a Foundation for Data Excellence

In today’s digital world, accurate and reliable data is crucial for organizations to make informed decisions. Master Data Governance (MDG) is a process that ensures the quality, consistency, and reliability of master data across an organization. Our client, a global warehouse solutions provider with operations in 30 countries, recognized the importance of data governance and decided to implement SAP S/4HANA as a global ERP to replace existing disparate ERP systems. They formed a separate stream “MDG - Master Data Governance” to address the challenges of master data management.

Our team at Option 4.0 worked with the client to analyze the requirements for data governance and identify the data objects that needed attention. We defined an individual catalog of measures for each data object, ranging from doing nothing to sophisticated workflows and tool support.

To operate Master Data Governance in a company, it is necessary to define the roles involved, their responsibilities, and the optimal staffing of these roles. Our team helped the client define the model and ensured that the roles were well-defined and the responsibilities were clear.

We worked with the client to analyze the most important data objects in detail. Our team defined the “single source of truth” at the data field level, filled the role of data owner for this, and defined the roles involved in creating and maintaining the data. We also defined the processes for this, ensuring that all changes were validated via the 4-eyes principle and were logged and traceable.

To provide the best possible support for the processes, we evaluated various tools and helped the client choose an SAP add-on called Winshuttle, which was introduced. The defined processes were implemented for the objects “customers,” “suppliers,” “chart of accounts,” and “material master.” All changes were validated via the 4-eyes principle, and decisions and changes were logged and traceable.

During migration from the old system, we helped the client define migration rules that were as efficient as possible. We developed and introduced suitable tools in the form of staging databases and efficient processing of these. Continuous monitoring of the result via key figures was done to optimize the cleanup process.

With our assistance, the data stock in the newly introduced ERP system was brought to a reasonable and manageable level. The application of the new tools and processes ensured that a renewed proliferation of data was prevented. Theclient now has reliable, consistent, and high-quality data that can be used for decision-making.

Our experience from several projects allowed us to make a significant contribution to this project. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and providing them with reliable, high-quality data that they can use to make informed decisions. If you’re looking to improve your organization’s data governance, Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

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