Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Travel Restrictions with AR

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to businesses worldwide, and HUBER+SUHNER, which is known for high-quality products and services for electrical and optical connectivity needs, was no exception. As a globally active company, HUBER+SUHNER faced the challenge of reducing the necessity for travel while still being able to solve problems and provide teaching remotely. Option 4.0 was approached to assist and lead the development and implementation of the chosen solution.

After conducting a thorough analysis, we were able to introduce an augmented reality (AR) solution that worked across HUBER+SUHNER’S three different sections. This solution included AR remote assistance as well as AR-guided work instructions and was integrated into the company’s system. Furthermore, we designed the support, training, and internal charging structure for the service, working closely with two notable AR software solution providers to develop the solution further. In terms of hardware, the devices were selected from two leading manufacturers.

The benefits of the solution were significant, as it massively reduced reaction time for handling quality complaints and transformed the reason for travel from necessary to optional in many cases. Additionally, it improved collaboration between different departments and countries, and knowledge could now be conserved and used for teaching and knowledge-refreshing purposes without the need for a conductor.

Our contribution to the project included leading and guiding the project from requirements engineering to implementation. We conducted requirements engineering, testing of different devices and software, and service development. We also introduced an agile way of working that helped streamline the project’s progress and supported efficient delivery.

Overall, this project demonstrated the power of innovation and collaboration in solving complex business problems. We assisted with our expertise in project management, requirements engineering, and service development and were able to provide HUBER+SUHNER with a solution that met their needs and delivered immediate benefits while reducing the necessity for travel during a time when it was not possible.

The impact of this project shows the importance of finding innovative solutions to challenges faced by businesses. Our team is proud to have played a part in helping HUBER+SUHNER transform their remote work and looks forward to continuing our partnership with them to tackle future challenges with innovative solutions.

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